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Tankerman S

Job Type


About the Role

  • Cleaning the engine room and all machinery. Must be familiar with the use of hand tools and the machinery layout of the vessel

  • Responsible for the efficient management of the engineering department and to keep the Captain fully informed of the state of the machinery and equipment. Supervises and coordinate activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines, deck machinery, electrical, refrigeration and sanitary equipment

  • Inspects, maintains and test safety and lifesaving equipment and systems

  • Inspects and test the internal communications system and the general alarm systems

  • Lubricates deck machinery and equipment 

  • Knowledgeable of all the vessels machinery, troubleshooting and routine maintenance

  • Ensures cleanliness of the engine room, bilges, rudder room and void spaces, maintains engine room watch when underway, examines machinery for specified pressures and flow of lubricants, oils and greases moving parts

  • Responsible for securing water-tight or gas-tight integrity of the vessel

  • Emergency repairs

  • Assist on deck for man overboard crisis

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