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Deck Hand (Riggers)

Job Type


About the Role

  • Performs assigned task including bridge watch

  • Performs variety of duties to preserve painted surfaces of the ship. Daily maintenance, general upkeep, lines, running gear, and cargo-handling gear in a safe operating condition

  • Assembles rigging to lift and move equipment or material on board the vessel (Rigger)

  • Gives direction to Overhead Crane Operator engaged in hoisting using radio or hand signals (Rigger)

  • Cleans, paints and does general housekeeping on the vessel

  • Responsible for handling lines for the mooring of the vessel

  • Stands watch for obstructions in the path of the vessel

  • Breaks out, rigs, overhauls and stows cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging and running gear

  • Ascertain the operating schedule and changes to the number and location of rigs/platforms to be served

  • Paints and chips rust on the deck or superstructure, splices and repairs cable and ropes using hand tools

  • Sweeps and mops vessels interior

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