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Job Type


About the Role

  • Ensures paperwork requirements are met

  • Responsible to the operations manager for the safe and efficient running of the vessel he/she has been appointed to command. The company relies upon him/her to set high standard of personal and professional conduct and to set an example to the officers and personnel under his/her command. He/she will remain mindful to the need to maintain moral and encourage sober habits in the crew. He/she will, at all times, give attention to the safety of the ship and crew.

  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the crew for the efficient operation of the vessel with due regard to giving adequate rest periods, by careful planning and personal attention. Maintain the ship in a clean and efficient condition

  • Be acquainted with handling characteristics of the vessel, cargo, capacity, equipment, speed, fuel consumption, ballast arrangement, safety apparatus, personnel

  • Remain fully informed and adhere to all relevant laws, regulations and directives affecting operation of the vessel

  • Ensures “Notice to Mariners” are posted and updated in a timely basis

  • Ensures that the vessel equipment is operationally ready to get underway

  • Identify and respond to potentially hazardous conditions 

  • Ensures stability is maintained as cargo is brought aboard and stowed, or as fuel and other consumables are used by using the Stability letter or the Trim and Stability Book 

  • Understands procedures and be able to receive and pump all fluids and cargo

  • Identify and prioritize maintenance and repair items in a work list

  • Set courses, determine geographical position, calculate land fall and avoid hazards to shipping by using such aids as lights, lighthouse, buoys, charts, plotting sheets, sextant, GPS, azimuths or other celestial bodies

  • Overall responsibility for the safety of the crew and the vessel during emergency situations

  • Maneuver the vessel to remain in navigable waters and minimize the effects of an emergency situation

  • Assess the severity of all emergency situations and determine the most advantageous method to combat the emergency

  • Responsible for the establishment of any damage control, fire fighting procedures and personnel assignments

  • Summon additional assistance, as required, from other ships, rigs/platforms

  • Responsible for the ordering of the abandonment of the ship

  • Ensures first aid is provided to victims

  • Immediate notification of a death aboard the vessel

  • Logs, record, and documents pertinent information or circumstances of any emergency, injury, accident, illness or death aboard the vessel

  • Takes initiative to direct the actions of the emergency squad

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